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Iron Chef T Rex does not know how to use the ice cream maker

I think I'm being subtly groomed for a place in the Human Resources department. This is just a feeling, and I don't expect it to come to anything very quickly, but I am sensing a sort of direction in the kinds of new responsibilities that are being passed my way. I shall just have to wait and see.

I didn't realize that I was in need of retail therapy, but I went into Target yesterday to buy some conditioner and some lotion, and ended up spending $40. Considering that the conditioner and lotion I picked up were both Suave, more than $35 of that was unplanned spending. Then I spent the evening at home, watching the Tim's DVDs of Family Guy while cutting and hemming my newly purchased shower curtain. I cut it so that the width would better fit my itty bitty shower cubicle, and I used the leftover bits to make curtains for the window in the bathroom. The curtain is rather more transparent than I would like, though, so I'm going to have to make a liner for it. For, though the window is mostly under the porch (I live in the basement, for those who don't know), it would still be possible for neighbors to see through it from their yards. And we don't want that. I also need to find some decorative-type non-lizard-themed bits to decorate my tiny bathroom. Maybe I should make something! Ooh, a trip to Michael's is in order, I'd say.

Open Mic and quesadilla tonight. I do enjoy Tuesdays. ilyAIMY has a show this evening, though, so no Sharif for me. Good thing I'm capable of knowing and enjoying the company of more than one person!

Oh, one more thing. I am sadly, desperately addicted to caffeine. I know this to be true now because of the vast difference in my moods before and after my morning coffee, and then again this afternoon. I didn't used to need afternoon coffee, but it was absolutely required today. And now I feel just fine, whereas pre-caffeine, I was about to hit the next person who did something irritating. Sad. But! I have noticed (after how many months of working here?) that our coffee machine has a button on it that, when pressed, fills your cup half full of coffee and the rest of the way with hot chocolate. How did I miss this before?
giant fork!

pass the parentheticals

I am in pain. The reason for this pain will be made apparent shortly.

It was a great and busy weekend, and it started one day early, because I took Friday off from work. Instead of a day answering telephones and being bored at my desk, I went to Ocean City with afterknowledge and wowbagger to visit ragnartheviking. It was pouring when I woke up, and for most of our drive, but it had mostly stopped by the time we arrived at Ann's family's place, and we got to spend plenty of time outside, even if it wasn't sunny enough for swimming. We ate a hefty lunch, said hello to the Atlantic, walked along the boardwalk, and just generally visited. It was a lovely day, and I'm very glad I went.

Saturday, psychephage and I went to my company's Employee Appreciation Day at Camden Yards. There was a party in the Warehouse ahead of time, which meant that we were in the city before the traffic picked up, so there was much less stress than last weekend. Free food and free beer and free baseball caps later, we headed out into the beating sun to watch the Orioles beat up the Red Sox. Stupid sunblock-free Joanna got incredibly sunburned from the shoulders down to the backs of the hands- thus the pain. The sun was really and truly brutal. Even Mr. I'm-Part-Hawaiian-And-Have-Never-Been-Sunburned-In-My-Life Sharif felt the effects . . . on his knees, of all places. We left in the middle of the 8th inning, fairly secure in a Baltimore victory, and quite ready for some cool showers. We stopped on our way back to the car, however, to pick up ten $1 bundles of cotton candy for later.

Later was PLOJ at Perk, which is essentially a whole bunch of musicians coming together with food and instruments and playing whatever they feel like playing for hours and hours. My contribution was basically just carrying the cotton candy (an accompaniment to Sharif's trashbag full of popcorn), after which I sat and ate and listened. It was good fun. Hanging out with so many talented people really makes me wish, though, that I was musical. Someday I'll have that fiddle. Or a harmonica. Or . . . um . . . banjo. (I don't know why my making-music desires lean so strongly toward the extreme country. It meshes not at all with my listening habits.) Highlights of the night included ramekins (instead of shots) of caramel vodka, mightcould's macaroni & cheese, Rocky Horror songs performed extremely enthusiastically, Sharif playing bass and piano simultaneously, and of course lots and lots of music. I really enjoyed myself. At the end of it (after 2am), I was exhausted. And I didn't even do anything.

Sunday I slept until very late morning, so I started my day with half of a burrito left over from Friday's dinner. I cleaned for a while, took a short walk, and then played Ratchet & Clank on the Playstation for a good while. After dinner, Sharif and Erica and the Tim came by to play Trivial Pursuit and watch Iron Chef America. I was the ultimate loser at Trivial Pursuit, but I think I won the "Most Amusing Question Reading" contest when I sang the question "How many days do physiologists say it takes to recover from a strenuous workout?" to the tune of "Blowing in the Wind". I don't know why it was so funny, but it seemed to make an impression. (The answer, my friend, is two. Sharif said three. Sharif fails.)

Today, Monday. Work. Full week. Sigh.

the rockets' red glare

I had a marvelous weekend, and eventful, so I fear that this entry will be far more listy than interesting. Deal.

Friday, the office closed at 3:00. A couple of hours, therefore, could be spent with psychephage before he had to go be musical, and we filled them with milkshakes and a hamburger, in that order. I spent most of the evening playing video games, until wowbagger came by and we had some sister time.

Saturday afternoon, the boy and I headed into Baltimore, for to take advantage of two free tickets to my company's corporate box at Camden Yards. Once we got through the stress of traffic and parking, it was a lovely afternoon. We saw the Orioles prevail, all while taking advantage of free food and beer and sodas, cushioned chairs with leg room, shade and available air conditioning. Also, free bobbleheads of Miguel Tejada. Exciting!

Then to Perk, where there were awesome outdoor performances by Might Could and ilyAIMY, a floating chair, and the passing of Miguel to one who could give him a better home than I could offer.

Sunday I had Sharif and Erica and mightcould to the house for brats on the grill, yahtzee, and Family Guy and Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Laid back. Good. Toward the end of the evening, we heard a mighty din coming from outside, and an investigative venture into the backyard revealed that the neighbors across the alley were setting off fireworks, and half the inhabitants of the block were out there spectating. We had an excellent vatange point from the back gate. At one point we distinguished ourselves by singing some Sousa. I felt terribly suburban.

Monday, Independance Day, to the parents' house for food and food and food and people. Afterwards, Sharif and I ventured to the Columbia Lakefront and braved the crowds to see the fireworks. On the way there, we filmed an exciting action movie. Once we got there, we waded through thousands of people and eventually found an acceptable place from which to watch things explode. All very satisfying.

Today, work. Tonight, open mic.
yahtzee car bomb

Wands and wings! Floaty crowny things!

First: Happy Birthday, Sharif! You're swell.
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Second: I called Laura last night for the first time in far too long, and ended up interrupting her at work. I sat on the porch at Perk, she sat by a swimming pool. We discussed very important things like unicorns who shoot babies and daisies from their horns. I miss Laura.

Third: Earlier in the evening, Ro and I made a list (with a little help from our friends). Basically, it stemmed from our mutual thought that we need to get out and do things this summer. As most of our brainstorming sessions do, it veered occasionally into sillyness, but on the whole I think we came up with a respectable list.

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case of the wednesdays?

I would like to go home now, sleep for an hour or so, read for a little while, then head back out to meet people for food and movie. Instead, I've three hours left at the office before I can go do the fun social stuff, and no personal time at all. I'm definitely going to have to claim tomorrow evening as Joanna Alone Time, because I can feel myself becoming irritable and distracted. I'm looking forward to tonight, because those people make up a large portion of my Comfort Zone, and it will certainly be good fun, but I'm really not wanting to be here right now. I'm unreasonably resenting the nice people with standard workday requests, and it would make me very happy to turn off the phone altogether. And, of course, it doesn't help that the onset of the cramps makes me wish that I could simply curl up into a ball and not move for awhile.

I'm sure it would help if I would stop watching the clock, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

Yesterday was a good day, a day of presents. My boss, for no real reason, bought me an entire chocolate cake, just because she saw it at the store and remembered that it was the kind I like. My contact at the public library spotted a new-arrival book that she knew I would want to read, and checked it out for me before it even hit the shelf. I gave her a little bottle of bubble bath that I'd picked up for her when I was treating myself to good-smelling things. The Tim provided banana bread muffins for all. There was music and Yahtzee (which I lost miserably), and retreat to the mildly-cooler billiard room. Rohini and I came up with the silliest/best change for Episode III, which can not possibly be as funny in print as it was to us last night, Collapse )

If you know us, you probably know to what level of mirth we reduced ourselves. If you don't know us, you may well be confused. Don't feel bad.

Two and a half hours.
yahtzee car bomb

Yahtzee for the Lord.

I have returned from open mic with afterknowledge's camera, but without my credit card. I guess I'm just a better friend than financial manager.

Tonight Ro and I came up with the best possible improvement/casting change/added scene for Episode III, but we'll have to tell you about it later, because right now I am tired and it is time for the sleeping.

. . . but not forgotten

Last night was the last Katie night. Today she moves on to Virginia, where she will have further fun and continue on her quest to visit more of the USA than many of this country's lifelong residents have seen. It's been great having her here, and she shall be missed immensely. Bye bye, Katie! Thank you for being great!

Last night was laid-back good. Featuring (in chronological order) soupytwist, psychephage, wowbagger, and mightcould. Erica's arrival matched fairly exactly with the beginning of Singles Night at the coffee house, and marked the time in which we headed upstairs for conversation and silliness. And the ritual Drinking-of-Hot-Chocolate-through-a-TimTam-Cookie (biscuit). We came up with some more swell potential names for the kitty cat. We were excessively geeky in several different ways. This is as it should be. We said goodbye.

Today it is raining. Everyone is complaining about it, but I don't really mind. We need this rain, I'm sure, and as long as I'm inside and dry, it doesn't bother me. What will bother me is if it continues on into tomorrow. I really don't want to try to fit all of the BBQ guests into our living and dining rooms. Sun! Warmth! Consider yourself summoned!

Sunday, post-party, post-cleaning, perhaps I will have a chance to sit down for a while. Or visit the kitty. Or see Star Wars. (Speaking of Episode III, boredom yesterday at work led to me browsing through my own journal archives, and finding this link from nearly 3 years ago, which made me laugh again.)

Apologies! numbering 2.

1. It wasn't terribly long ago that I was teasing afterknowledge for failing to close her tab at the end of one open mic night. Sorry, Ro. That'll teach me to go acting all superior. Not only did I fail to close my tab last night, leaving my credit card behind at Perk, I also failed to bring any food to work with me today, and I only have one dollar in my wallet. This means that, come lunchtime, I shall have to pull out the Visa card that I said I would never use. I guess it's lucky that I didn't destroy that card as I had originally planned. Hooray for emergency measures!

2. The past couple of days have been spent conspiring to convince mightcould that he needs a cat. (Specifically, this cat.) This is probably not fair of the universe in general, as it should really be up to the Tim to decide whether he has the resources required. But everyone gets so excited at the concept of kitty! that they don't worry about that so much as about how soon they will be allowed to pet the cute little furry thing with paws and whiskers. Sorry, Tim.
(. . . kitty!)

iwillnotgetsickiwillnot getsickiwillnotgetsick

I am already hungry. Lunch is in 3.5 hours. There is rather a lot of chocolate in my desk. This is not an ideal situation.

And I really hope I'm not getting sick. Last night I was coughing a bit, and this morning I woke up . . . aware of my throat. Not in pain, as such, but there was certainly more sensation there than is normal. I'm feeling OK now, but that may be because the hunger is distracting me. I've been tired for the last few days, but that I've been blaming on the fact that I haven't yet had enough sleep to recover from staying out until 4am Saturday night/Sunday morning. That may be valid. Or it may just be an excuse. Time may tell.

If it's sleep I really need, I won't be catching up on it tonight. Tuesday means quesadilla ni- I mean open mic night. So I'll be heading down to College Park after work. Before I leave, I'll change into my jeans. I only mention this because I did it last week, and I wasn't expecting it to be an entertaining experience, but it really was. 5:30 came, I closed the phones, turned off the lights, straightened up the desk area, and went into the ladies room to change my clothes. And in heading back to my desk to pick up my purse and then waiting for the elevator, three different people were amazed and scandalized by my clothing and footwear. Even though they had seen me in work clothes all day, I had to explain that I had only just changed, that I was going out without going home first, and that I did not actually wear jeans and green Chucks to work. Strange people. I guess seeing the receptionist in street clothes is like seeing your grade school teacher at a club . . . a strip club! (Shocking!)