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. . . but not forgotten

Last night was the last Katie night. Today she moves on to Virginia, where she will have further fun and continue on her quest to visit more of the USA than many of this country's lifelong residents have seen. It's been great having her here, and she shall be missed immensely. Bye bye, Katie! Thank you for being great!

Last night was laid-back good. Featuring (in chronological order) soupytwist, psychephage, wowbagger, and mightcould. Erica's arrival matched fairly exactly with the beginning of Singles Night at the coffee house, and marked the time in which we headed upstairs for conversation and silliness. And the ritual Drinking-of-Hot-Chocolate-through-a-TimTam-Cookie (biscuit). We came up with some more swell potential names for the kitty cat. We were excessively geeky in several different ways. This is as it should be. We said goodbye.

Today it is raining. Everyone is complaining about it, but I don't really mind. We need this rain, I'm sure, and as long as I'm inside and dry, it doesn't bother me. What will bother me is if it continues on into tomorrow. I really don't want to try to fit all of the BBQ guests into our living and dining rooms. Sun! Warmth! Consider yourself summoned!

Sunday, post-party, post-cleaning, perhaps I will have a chance to sit down for a while. Or visit the kitty. Or see Star Wars. (Speaking of Episode III, boredom yesterday at work led to me browsing through my own journal archives, and finding this link from nearly 3 years ago, which made me laugh again.)

I be lame.

I feel like it's awfully early for me to be home when there are Katies to hang out with. But when you consider that this would add more than an extra hour of driving to the night's activities, the actual hanging out time added to the evening would end up being minimal. Drive to Perk. Hang out with Katie and Erica for 30 minutes tops, drive home to get ready for bed. Stupid work, always getting in the way of fun. Stupid cramps, too. Go away!

Oh well, this evening was quite good, what with a parents-provided meal, a Katie, and a Rohini. And tomorrow there shall be hanging out. This is especially important as it will be the Katie's last night with us. Fun will happen.

So it is decreed.
the zone

tourguide circuits activated

And we're back to Monday again! How on earth can the weekends go by so quickly? It's just not fair.

I had a great weekend, though- kept quite busy. Friday after work was Baltimore with Katie, Erica, Rohini, Sharif, the Tim, Will, Lacey, and (Lacey's friend whose name might be spelled) Madhu. Many delicious pizzas were consumed at the California Pizza Kitchen. Sharif and Ro and I did a 1/3 1/3 1/3 pizza swap. After dinner was a jaunt to a Baltimore-y souvenir store so that crab-related knick-knacks could be purchased. Katie's baby brother is destined to own a stylin' Baltimore bib. Rock on. We then hit the counter at the Cheesecake Factory, where most of us got ourselves slices of the dangerous dangerous beauty that is cheesecake. (Tim, on the other hand, got a massive slice of chocolate cake that I understand served as four desserts. Ye gods.) We took our rich sweet prize back to my place, where there was more eating and talking (and a little bit of snoozing). A good evening.

Saturday, despite a late start, Katie and I went into DC for a bit. Walked the area around the Foggy Bottom metro stop, explored the Watergate and the Kennedy Center. And the thunder and lightning waited to start until we were safely on the train on our way back. Dinner at Perk later. I was supposed to accompany Erica and Katie to a Rocky Horror cast movie night, but I was cranky and tired, so just headed home for a quiet evening.

Which meant that I was good and rested for our exciting Super Tourism District of Columbia Day! Man, did we do a lot of walking yesterday. Katie and Erica and I walked between the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, the Natural History Museum, the American History Museum, the White House (not in that order). . . The weather cooperated, the company was good, and I think all had a good time. Upon returning to Perk, we were footsore and exhausted. Katie introduced us to Firefly, of which I'm now going to have to see the rest. We headed out for fantastic food at Mandalay. We watched some MST3K. And I went home to fall into bed.

Today I am feeling energetic and cheerful. Odd for a Monday. Exciting. I'm looking forward to my yoga/pilates class this evening. More immediately, I'm looking forward to lunch. Very soon. Very soon.
miss scarlet

The English spread Marmite on toast. Americans, peanut butter. Except in DC, where it's elephants.

Yesterday may have been boring while I was at the office, but things definitely became more interesting once 5:30 came around. Thank goodness.

Upon leaving work, I stopped by my parents' house to pick up my paycheck that had been delivered there, to pick up a video tape on which is recorded this week's episode of Lost, and to change my clothes. While changing, I discovered that I had brought no belt with me, which would not have been a problem if I hadn't brought the jeans that were missing the button. I considered my options, among them borrowing a belt from my mom or stealing my dad's rarely-worn alien tie to keep my pants up and my underwear out of sight. Ultimately, though, I decided to sew a new button on. This was made more interesting by the fact that I continued to wear the jeans as I sewed. I completed my task unscathed and with jeans that stayed where they were supposed to be. Success!

This achieved, I set out for College Park, where I fetched the soupytwist from Perk, and we set off for Arundel Mills mall. We visited the candy store, where I bought sour gummy worms and Katie bought a few of everything that she felt she needed to learn about. We went to the food court, where I indulged in my guilty pleasure of Taco Bell, while explaining to Katie that this is not authentic Mexican food by any stretch of the imagination and should not be respected. We then headed down to the movie theatre and were met by psychephage.

Katie was appropriately affected by the ridiculousness of the massive Egyptian theatre, as I was sure she would be. We saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (second time for both me and Katie, first for Sharif), and I may have enjoyed it even more the second time around, because I knew what to expect and so could be less disappointed by alterations or omissions and could pay more attention to details. Also, unsurprisingly, it's great fun to be geeky with Katie.

After the movie, which we watched through the end of the credits (for which we were rewarded with something we missed the first time around), the three of us stood out in the parking lot and talked until rather later than we ought, about many things, few of which actually made sense.

It was a good night.

This always happens to me. People throw me out of a window, tell me I'm Pumaman, and disappear.

I have declared that today is Boring Day at the office. Because I am bored, and that seems slightly less awful if the dullness stems from a sort of official proclamation.

OK, it really doesn't make the slightest difference, but at least thinking about that occupied my brain for a moment or two.

But I'm bored, and it's grey and sorta drizzly outside, and I don't want to be here right now.

Yesterday after work, I went on down to Perk, where I had a lovely sandwich and shared my three albums full of New Zealand photos with Katie. When Erica got back from work we went upstairs to watch some Mystery Science Theater 3000, the first time our guest had yet experienced it. Hurrah!

Tonight I shall introduce her to the ridiculous Egyptian movie theatre, and we shall see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy again. This will not be boring, but it is also several hours away.


Joanna jumping off a cliff is a sign of impending apocalypse. Or else I'm the lead lemming.

The only day that both Erica and I are free from work to take Katie into Washington DC is Sunday. So, of course, the weather report calls for thunderstorms. It's early enough in the week that I can still maintain hope that that will change, and so I shall. Otherwise, I guess we'll just have to get wet. Eh, we won't melt, and we'll still have fun, but I'd really like for Katie to see the city on a clear sunny day. I think that's understandable.

There's some sort of issue with our phone system today, the result of which is that many people are not able to receive calls through their direct dial numbers. All of their calls therefore get directed to me, and I must then transfer them to their intended destination. This is not a problem, as such- it is, after all, my job- but it means a significant increase in the number of calls that I must handle, as well as an increased proportion of those callers who are already irritated before I answer the phone. Which is always good for a girl's state of mind.

I was too tired after getting home last night to bother making a lunch for today. And I never manage to work up the willpower to put together a lunch on the morning of. So today is a Subway day. I shall walk to Subway, bring my sandwich to a bench beside my building, and eat while reading my book. (I've finally started reading Memoirs of a Geisha.) I look forward to lunchtime eagerly.
italian airline?

. . . in which the Katies are coming! The Katies are coming!

OK, just one Katie, but I'd say that's just the right amount. Today is soupytwist day! She's arriving by bus from New York this afternoon- being dropped off, however, at a gas station in the northeast part of Baltimore City. Considering that I work considerably southwest of the city, and that by the time I get off work (1.5 hours after she arrives), rush hour will be in full effect, I have imposed my will. Rather, I've made a suggestion that has been accepted. Seeing as I don't want Katie to have to wait for god knows how many hours until I can get to her (and I admit that I also don't want to have to drive twice through the city at that time of day), I've requested that a taxi be pulled into the equation. I'll pay for that, because it's my own reluctance that is adding this extra complication. So after work, I can pick her up from the convenient-and-rather-more-comfortable-than-a-gas-station public library, we can swing by my house long enough for me to change clothes, and then we can head down to open mic.

This would all be a lot easier if I had been working here long enough to take vacation days. I could leave early and be at the stop when the bus arrives, and beat the traffic as well. Alas, this is not a perfect world. I guess I can only hope that this will work out with a minimum of (extra) difficulty.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm a worrier. If there's gonna be a plan, I stress until all the details are worked out.

But still! Excited! Katie! There shall be fun.