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Apparently the cybernetic collective consciousness holds pep rallies for itself.

I think I'm going to have to get new glasses frames. I really like the ones I have, but examining them this afternoon during an extremely boring day at work, I have decided that they are looking rather tired. So soon I shall have to look into getting a copy of my prescription and heading over to LensCrafters. I hope that I can find a pair that I like as much as my current one.

As I have already said, today has been extremely boring. I've spend a great deal of time going through the archives of Dinosaur Comics. The best parts of these comics are often the little text bubbles that pop up when you hold your mouse over the image. (I am sure that there is a much shorter technical term for this phenomenon. I know it not.) I think, however, that reading too many of these comics in a row has led to an unusual shift in the way that my mind works. That sort of thing happens sometimes- wowbagger and afterknowledge and I certainly have conversations in which it's clear that we've been watching a lot of Sports Night. It's a little weirder, though, to have your thought processes and speech patterns influenced by a philosophizing T-Rex.

. . . or is it? . . .

I don't know!