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Have Fedora, Will Travel

Welcome To My World

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Indiana Joanna
29 August 1979
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I wear my halo at a jaunty angle.

I live in a treacle well, where I draw all manner of things that begin with "M". I live off of treacle, so I'm sick most of the time. I am a story concocted by a Dormouse.

Or perhaps I am a roving researcher for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, originally from a planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse (and not from Maryland, as she usually claims) who has been stranded on Earth for the last twenty-eight years, is a really hoopy frood, and always knows where her towel is.

Or maybe I'm a 29-year-old cubicle-dweller, former flight attendant, with a BA in History and Sociology, who lived in New Zealand for a time, makes excellent chicken enchiladas, is the co-creator of the greatest worst movie never made, and once wrote a song about herself in French:

Je m'appelle Joanna.
Je suis une belle femme.
Je n'aime pas les haricots verts.
Je n'ai pas des problemes.


It's certainly one of those.

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