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Pardon my brains.

I'm fairly certain that I used to be smart. That "Joanna" and "intelligent" were not words that you would be surprised to find in the same sentence. I'm less sure now. The car wash fiasco of yesterday is a prime example. Also, however, there is this brain malfunction of today. Less severe, perhaps, but telling.

Yesterday, I played with the Playstation in the family room, as opposed to taking it up to my bedroom, as I sometimes do when my parents are watching television downstairs. When I got home from work today, the thing was hooked up to the downstairs TV and the controller was in the middle of the family room floor, AS I HAD LEFT IT THE NIGHT BEFORE. In my mind, I almost immediately decided that it was like that because Erica had come home during the day, played Final Fantasy, and snuck out before daddy or I had come home. For some reason, it was important to the scenario that she had come home secretly, not intending any of us to know that she had been there, even though the equipment was left in disarray.

I mean, what?

I must need a vacation. Good thing I'm going to Texas in March. (albeit for less than 72 hours, and only missing one day of work.)

Also, I believe that every bookstore in Maryland is in on a conspiracy to stock every volume of the Sandman series except the second one. Because they know that I'm a fool who likes to read things in the proper order. Why do they hate me?

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