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What follows is a story entitled Joanna Is A Big Idiot

I am a big idiot. A thrifty idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

Today I went to the gas station to fill up my car. This is not the part about me being an idiot. It was smart to put gas in my car, because otherwise I would have been unable to get very far tomorrow. Anyway. This is just setting the scene.

Now for the back story. It's snowed quite a bit in the past month or so. As a result, salt has been spread liberally across every square inch of paved surface in the Mid-Atlantic region. Therefore, salt has also been spread liberally across my car, resulting in an unsightly grey mess of a vehicle, rather than the shiny blue car that I have been used to driving.

Now comes the idiot part. Today, while I was filling up my gas tank, I decided to do something about this problem, and hit "yes" when the little screen on the gas pump asked me "would you like a car wash?" However, being cheap, I opted only for the basic wash, without any frills.

It's been very cold lately.

I think you can see where this is going.

I went through the car wash. The car was washed. It was rinsed. It was not dried. There was a thin film of water covering my car as I drove out of the car wash.

Did I mention that it's really cold?

So as soon as I got out into the parking lot, the layer of water transformed into a thin, hard, smooth shell. My car is now encased in ice.

I had to park as soon as I could and scrape off part of my windsheild, just so I could drive across the parking lot to get to Target. Being so smooth- and solid!- it was very hard to scrape. I do not look forward to dealing with this before work tomorrow. I'm hoping the the sun rising will melt most of it away before I need to leave. An idle hope, more than likely, but I hold to it with the hope of a True Believer.

But hey, I deserve it, for being a big idiot.

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