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A good weekend.

Friday and Saturday both included Laura Evenings. Friday we went to dinner (Z'Tejas. Margueritas.) Following food (sooooo gooooood), we wandered the mall pointlessly and failed to go to Maggie Moo's. So we stopped at Safeway afterwards and got personal pints of ice cream. (Nuts about Malt!) Then we came back here and introduced her to Emma. And Mr. Knightly.

Saturday included errand-running, drawing, Quizno's subs, and . . . more Laura! Drove up to Will's place for to spend a little more time with her before her trek across country. It was fun. Many, many, many clementines were consumed. And . . . um . . . there was a treasure map of the living room and kitchen, in which the treasure was marked as being on the couch (also known as "the darkroom"), even though she got up to go to bed before any other part of the map was drawn. It was a very misleading map, as the stove was called "the fiery portal", the roaring fire in the fireplace was called "Jail", the counter was the "Conservalounge", the television was the "wrench", the loveseat was the "Study", and various portions of the floor were the "Rio Grande", "Moon River", "Main Street", "Mike St.", and "Jeremiah, the prophet of Doom".

I don't know why I just included all of that information. But it was a whole lot of amusing last night.

Today was a day for sitting around and bonding with the Playstation/the computer/a good book/a giant bowl of chicken and dumplings. All good ways to spend a cold cold Sunday, especially when one was out late the night before. Which, it happens, I was.

Back to work tomorrow. Nothing interesting to say about that.

Please refrain from saying "You didn't have very many interesting things to say about this weekend, but that didn't stop you from writing this entry." That would be beneath you.


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