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Hell Wings!

The other day I learned that Zealand is a place in Holland, which answered a long-standing question for me. Hooray for kids' week on Jeopardy!

I started with that because I decided that I wasn't going to complain about having to go to work in the morning, and therefore needed to take a different tack. Didn't so much work, did it? Sigh. I have been at this job for seven months now. Yes, I am counting. I was only with the airline for ten. Considering that my job was "student" for approximately 17 years, you'd think that seven months wouldn't seem very long. You'd be wrong.

Anyway. That ends that work-related portion of this entry. Feel free to rejoice.

Flicker and I have been spending far too much time discussing "The Scottish Movie", for a project that absolutely, positively will never get written, honestly. But it's just so much fun! And terribly amusing, coming up with names and scenarios and horrible horrible scenes from MacDeath. And deciding which sunglasses in the mall would be worn by which character. (I mean, no, we never did that. That would be . . . ridiculous. Yes.) Ha! And I get to throw deadly sharp things, which obviously rocks.

Hmm. Well, I'd say more, but I've had this premonition of chocolate cake, milk, and Small Gods in my future, and who am I to delay fate?

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