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one word, with a capital "C"

Yesterday, while shopping at Target for a baby-shower gift, I impulse-bought (for myself, not for the baby)the best $4 Lego set EVER.

There's a guy with a top hat, a monocle, a scar, a revolver, and a HOOK HAND! There's a skeleton with jewels! There's a little tomb, and when you push down on a little lever, THE SKELETON POPS OUT OF THE TOMB! It's great!

Plus, you can take the hat off the guy and put it on the skeleton. Or you can take the hair from your Harry Potter Lego figure and put that on the skeleton. Or you can take the hair from the Lucius Malfoy Lego figure and put it on the skeleton. (This is frightening. I don't suggest actually trying it.) You could put the hair from your Ron Weasley Lego figure on the skeleton as well, if he didn't live in the change slot in your car.

Um. Yes. I'm still talking about you.

I think I need to go to bed. Thank goodness for Friday tomorrow.

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