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If you read my previous entry, you are familiar with my medicinally-named hero, Heparin, and his adventures.

Today was a typical day at work, so I was able to collect several more names to add to the tale. Some of them I have already assigned roles. I'd like to introduce to you:

Hyzaar: minion to the evil Metronidazole
Terazosin: skilled, stealthy, mysterious hunter
Seroquel: beautiful, powerful witch or seeress- very old yet apparently ageless.

However, I have yet to decide on the parts to be played by:



So I am going to make it a contest! Who, what, or where, are these people, creatures, things, or places? Tell me a little bit about them.

(I suspect that Keppra is a very young woman, Lipram is a boy, and Avelox is some sort of mythical creature, but you need not follow my whims on that.)

Convince me!

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