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You couldn't teach a dog to do that; you can only train elephants.

I love Thanksgiving.

Food food food. Family family family. Practically family practically family practically family. Dozing in front of the fireplace. And some more food.

Oh yeah, and happy birthday wishes are due to Katie. With interest, for being late. So . . . Um . . . Happy Birthday, Katie! (Plus 5%.)

I went in to see the eye doctor this morning, for the first time in over two years. It has been confirmed- my eyesight is horrible. (Not that this is news. I started wearing glasses when I was nine, and my vision has been degrading every year since.) So now I have contacts in my new prescription and I can see! It's wonderful! Also, my left eye and my right eye now have the same prescription, which means that my left eye has been getting worse at a faster rate than it had been, but also means that I don't need to worry about which lens belongs to which eye. As this is something with which I have had problems (more times than I would care to admit), I'm glad to have one less thing to worry about.

I never did get sick after that one day of symptomless-feelings-of-badness, which is fine with me. A healthy Joanna is a happy Joanna, at least when compared to an ill Joanna.

When I get married, I think that two good ways for my husband to prove his love for me would be for him to a) stick his hand inside the Thanksgiving turkey and pull out whatever it is that they stuff in there, and b) dust. I hate dusting. I could say more on that subject, but I'd guess that a rant on my least favorite household chores would probably rank fairly low on your what-I-feel-like-reading list. So I'll just stop here.

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