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To infinity . . . and the kitchen!

It's raining again. Still. Either one. It seems so odd now that until not too long ago there had been no rain of significance in months and months. Now I'm starting to wonder if I ought to get started building that Ark. And gathering animals, of course. I've got one cat, one siberian hamster, and one fish, so that's a start.

I bought the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring last Tuesday, but I wasn't able to watch the movie itself until this afternoon. (I have been rationing out the special features since that time, of course.) Gee, it's a good movie. And the added scenes are great. A few things that I'd hoped to see in the original are now there, and there is more Bilbo, and . . . and goodness. Plus, I have a coupon for a free ticket to see The Two Towers sometime in the last couple weeks of December. Rock.

Last night I learned (pronounced "made up") a great deal of things. Mostly about Kansas. Oh yes, and despair tastes like Reese's Pieces. Yum. Despair.

It's been a busy weekend. Friday night was the dance concert and Harry Potter and Jake and Denise, last night was out to dinner with the parents and the Lubeys, technically this morning was The Rocky Horror Picture Show starring none other than my sister as Janet. Congrats are due to the cast for that latter. There was a beyond-capacity crowd, and a bit of technical difficulty, but they pulled it off with aplomb. And Erica did scarily well with the giddy fluttery-ness of the wedding scene. And oh, the Pink Dress of Shame. What a garment.

I've been incredibly remiss lately about commenting on people's journals and replying to comments made on my own. I've been reading them, and thinking of things I ought to say, and then deciding to take care of it "later", which usually means "half past never". It's not deliberate, just lazy. So sorry. The same holds true for e-mail, in case anyone has e-mailed me lately. Don't take it personally, I do it to everyone.

And on that note, I'm going to go downstairs and decide whether I'd rather read a book or bake brownies. It's a tough decision, because with the second there are brownies as a result, but with the first I don't have to wash the dishes when I'm done. A true dilemma.
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