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A little while ago, I said "I'm not tired". This was not exactly a lie, as such, but it did turn out to be untrue. I am definitely tired. But happy. Because:

"Full Fathom Five"!

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter!

Denise and Jake!

(Unexpectedly running into great people that you haven't seen in ages and then getting to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with them [on its opening day, no less] is awesome beyond all awesomeness.)

Have you ever considered the idea that that bump near your hairline is not actually a pimple like you thought, but is a tick-like creature that has attached itself to your scalp and is making its way through your skull to attack your brain? Neither had I, until just a few minutes ago. I think I'll concentrate on happy dance and movie and friend thoughts instead, so as to try to influence my dreams in good directions.

Can you tell that I've been up too long?

Can I tell you how perfect Kenneth Branaugh is as Gilderoy Lockhart?

Well, yes, I probably can. But won't right now, as I must needs get to bed.

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