Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

[phone rings.]
Joanna : Hello?
woman : Hello, blah blah, I promise that I am not trying to sell you anything. Blah blah. Would you say that you do more than half of the grocery shopping for your home?
Joanna (curious enough about the content of the survey to refrain from hanging up): no
woman : Would you say that you do some of the grocery shopping for your home, or none of the grocery shopping for your home?
Joanna : some.
woman : Now, may I speak to someone else in your home who does more of the grocery shopping for your home?
Joanna : no. [hangs up]

Now, my question is this. What is this survey hoping to accomplish? "Of people who answer the phone in their households on a Saturday afternoon, this percentage does some of the grocery shopping, this percentage hangs up on us, and this percentage isn't home to answer our questions."

I guess I just don't understand phone surveys. A test group consisting of people who are willing to take phone surveys is probably not a representative sample.

(Twin Peaks last night was fun. Today has been . . . completely and totally uneventful. As you probably guessed from the content of this entry. Sorry about that.)

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