Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

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chicken with bone

Warning: This entry will lack both continuity and style. Just so you know.

* I have a new favorite website.

* I have a new book.

* I went out with Erica and Jacki and others to whom I can not link last night. Any outing in which I get to play darts and sing the Jem theme song in public is a good outing. It was a good outing.

* There was a small grey and white kitty outside my work yesterday afternoon. My boss and I wanted to catch it and bring it inside, but it was too fast for us. When it showed up outside the door for a moment later in the day, we were both on phone calls, and couldn't go out until it was gone again.

* My new book came with a free pack of "Misfortune Telling Cards".

* I feel the need. The need for tea.
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