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Verb! Direct object? Pronoun.

Today I went to my alma mater to see Blue Window with my mother and my sister. I enjoyed it much. Before that, Erica and I went to the mall, where we failed to find floor-show shoes, but I did manage to buy myself a mocha-coconut frapuccino. Tough one, that. Also learned that the Suncoast Video will indeed be carrying the Sports Night DVD set when it's released. Woo! And visited Bookstore Jason, who scolded me for not shopping enough. Or at the right times. Or something. Shoestore Josh was not available for visiting, but as he probably wouldn't even recognize me, I doubt that he'd be disappointed to know that he missed me. More confused than anything else, I guess.

After the play, we went to Chicken Out to get some dinner. My Sante Fe Chicken Wrap was mighty tasty, and I have plenty left for my lunch tomorrow, which excites me greatly. Mondays are better when there a good lunch to be had. Honestly.

I think that those of you who made the work-comfort point in regards to Halloween wardrobe have a very valid argument. Plus, I do enjoy being Indiana Joanna.

And now, something that will probably surprise absolutely no one:

Yes, Erica, there is a higher degree. And I'm it.

click to find out if you are obsessed!
You are obsessed with Harry Potter to such an outstanding degree that it is terrifying! You've probably read all the books over ten times each, and seen the movie at least twice (unless you hated it the first time cause they left too much out). You saw the movie on opening night, and you had bought your tickets a week in advance. Unlike more, erm, normal Harry fans, you believe that Harry Potter is a real person and that everything in the HP series are true events. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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