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God bless Mother Nature. She's a single woman, too.

So it would seem that "Indiana Joanna" is more popular than "pretty Joanna" by a margin of 10 to 1. That's rather impressive. However, I wonder if this is because you folks weren't so sure what a Renaissance "Fesitval" is. Well, I'll tell you now, it's supposed to say "Festival", but it seems that you can not edit the text of a poll once you've posted it. Or if you can, the means to do so is hidden from me.

Today at work, in honor of "Pharmacy appreciation week" (What the hell? Is this a real thing?) we had ice cream sandwiches. I ate mine before I had lunch.

Also in a food-related vein, when Erica and I were at Donna's (restaraunt/coffee place) tonight, every time the waiter came by to make sure we were all right, I had ice in my mouth. This meant that when I said "Please" or "Yes" or "Thanks", I looked and sounded like a fool. Of course, it didn't help that I was also invariably laughing like an idiot. Go me!

I think I need some sleep. In fact, I know so.

Good night.

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