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I'll tell you what the trick is- What you get is what you have to give away.

Saturday was a Laura day. Good day. Baltimore day. Pizza and cheesecake day. Something Else and light rail and Sheraton rest room and admiration day. Barnes & Noble and Edward Gorey and goblin calendar day. Playing with the sound-projection-thingys outside the Science Center day. Unicycle fire-balancer day. Sound of Music day.

Sunday was a quiet day. Sitting in front of the computer day. Muppets Take Manhattan day. Erica home for dinner day. Talking to Rohini day.

Today was a work day. Weird day. Surveilance videos and voicemail system down and power outage day. Shirt compliment day. Sleepy day. Mall-visiting and food-court-eating and black boot-buying day.

Tomorrow is as yet an unknown quantity. But I can almost guarantee that it will be a day.

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