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carpet and allison, a winning combination!

Well, there's white carpet in the dining room, living room, staircase, and upstairs hallway. It looks very nice, I must say. And it's a treat for the feet as well. And Midnight shows up very well against it.

Now, because I'm (not) always (but occasionally) up for a challenge, I present to you . . . .

An Entry About Allison

Allison may appear to be naked at first glance, but a few pale-colored hairs are scattered about her head and tail. She has prominent whiskers and a fringe of fine hair is present along the edges of her feet. She has no sweat glands or subcutaneous fat layer like other mammals, which is why her skin is so wrinkly. Her skin is pinkish or yellowish in color. She has a short, broad head, minute eyes, no external ears, and very prominent incisor teeth. She may weigh as much as 3 ounces.

Allison lives in arid regions of Africa, specifically central and eastern Ethiopia, central Somalia and Kenya. She lives in an extensive and complex burrow system. She is herbivorous, feeding mainly on roots, tubers and corms (underground stem base bearing scaly or membranous leaves). She is preyed upon by burrowing reptiles.

Allison is the only known mammal that lives in a eusocial (truly social) system consisting of 20-300 individuals- similiar to that of bees, wasps, ants and termites. This society is divided into classes of hierarchy amongst the groups. She has up to 5 litters in a year that consist of 1-27 young. Her newborn offspring are blind and naked.

It is also interesting to note that excess skin on the sides of Allison's mouth fold in to prevent soil from being swallowed, and that she is not protected in international trade. Her scientific name is Heterocephalus glaber.

Oh . . . hold on . . .

Sorry. It turns out that I just wrote an entire entry about naked mole rats, and not Allison at all! Whoops! Silly me.

Well, I suppose I'd better say that Allison (much like a naked mole rat) is a cool cool creature, and that I'm glad she exists and that I know she exists . . . and that she knows I exist . . .

And I hope she forgives me for confusing her with a naked mole rat. It's an honest mistake.

(PS- I should also add that most of the text of this entry was stolen directly (as in word-for-word) from this web page belonging to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I wouldn't be a true history major if I didn't credit my source.)

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