Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

I decided to put the doubleplusungood stuff at the top, to get it out of the way. Sniper shootings in Maryland and the DC area. What the hell? It's horrible and scary and . . . pointless. And it's going to continue. I don't really have the words to say what ought to be said about it, but I couldn't not acknowledge that it's going on. Urg.


OK, good things. Many good things. This weekend was "Erica Weekend". We celebrated her birthday for three days. Friday was the actual birthday, and we went out for dinner as a family. I had some really tasty butterflied breaded shrimp. Yummo.

Saturday was the birthday party, which I quite enjoyed. The weather cooperated so that we (meaning, my dad) were (was) able to barbeque on the deck. There were many people in attendance, and I believe that a good time was had by all. Most, anyway. Food and presents and balloons and crayons and a feathered crown each played a vital role in the success of the celebration. Oh yeah, and a gigantic chocolate chip cookie. I believe that life on earth was created simply to build up to the creation of gigantic chocolate chip cookies. The destiny of the world is complete now, so you can expect the Armaggeddon any day now. I suggest that you get yourself a gigantic chocolate chip cookie to make these last few days of civilization worthwhile.

Um. Anyway. Good party. Good people, some of whom I have known since I was born. TJ (the since-birth person who is my age) has assured me that when he is famous I'll be able to hang out with him and thus get my picture in People magazine with captions like "Who is this girl who hangs out with the stars?" or what have you. This means that one of my long-standing goals will, eventually, be fulfilled. Fame without having to do anything other than hanging out with famous people. My roster of future famous people with whom to tag along is now up to three (I'm thinking Erica and Rohini here.) Am I missing anyone? Are you going to be famous? Can I hang out with you and be vicariously famous or famous without the effort of being extraordinary? Let me know.

Right. Saturday was the Rennaissance Festival (again). Erica and I got there in the early afternoon following a decades-long wait in traffic, and the place was packed. But we still managed to watch some shows (including a show of magic and fire-eating performed by "Zoltan the Adequate"), and find Laura and Will, and buy us some pretties. Rings, more specifically. I'd show mine to you, but . . . I can't. So you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that it's very pretty. We got home just in time to eat a whole lot of a meal for which we initially thought that we had no appetite. We were very wrong. Then I took Erica back to school, where she discovered and failed to solve the cake mystery. Then I came back and went to bed.

Today I went to work. Whoop-i-dee-doo.

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