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"you decide which is right and which . . . is an illusion. "

Bought myself a present today. Didn't leave the house intending to do so, I had other, specific, not-me goals in mind. (Which I did, by the way, accomplish.) But there I was, in Target, after a day at work that somehow managed to be both incredibly busy and mind-numbingly long (And I'd like to have that one explained to me. It doesn't normally work out like that; normally it is either long and slow or busy and short. Not the worst of both worlds.) Anyway, there I was, and suddenly- there it was. The special-edition two-disc set of Singing in the Rain on DVD, complete with commentary from Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor, and Cyd Charisse! Yeah, I think that's pretty cool.

Come to think of it, I bought myself a present yesterday as well. I mean, what else was I supposed to do when I came across a little pewter Ron Weasley ornament on the clearance shelf? Just walk by and ignore him? I don't think so.

Not much more to say than that. Well, aside from the obvious well-wishes to my sister on the occasion of her 21st birthday. (Tomorrow) Go wish her a happy birthday. You know you want to.


Peregrine Took wishes you a Happy Birthday, too!

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