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"You want a challege, I'll bring Toby."

According to this webpage, the ideal Halloween costume for me (based on my horoscope) is a "vampire nurse or doctor". This may be the silliest thing I've read today.

I need to buy shoes. Unfortunately, I am very rarely in the mood for trying on shoes. It's that stint working in the shoe department at Kohl's that did it for me. I fear that I shall just have to bite the bullet and do a serious shopping trip. I should get myself some nice long-sleeved shirts while I'm at it. My workplace has been COLD lately.

One part of The West Wing last night made me wish that Erica had ideas for more stories. Or that I had ideas for her to use for stories. Oddly, I don't remember exactly which part it was, but I do know that Josh was in it. She is, however, writing the (unrelated) button-in-a-cave plot, which makes me extremely happy.

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