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Nearly a week, in sum-up-o-vision (and reverse polish notation)

Today I watched the last few innings of the Astros/Cardinals game with my dad. The Astros lost, of course (in the tenth inning). I found a long-lost picture of a Girl Scout camping trip that had been stashed for god knows how long in my eighth grade Trapper-Keeper.

Can you spot your favorite Joanna and her sister in their gi-huge-ic Edreco hats? Here's a hint:

Aha! There they are!

Rohini went to California.

I did little else of interest (aside from participating in the creation of "Reverse Polish Notation", but that's not something that can be explained).

Yesterday I can't remember much about at all. I watched part of When Harry Met Sally on TNT, but then decided that it was a stupid thing to do, as we own the movie on video. So i went to bed.

Wednesday I didn't expect to cry. I expected to, and did, wake up in the morning, wear red, white and blue to work because if I did so it meant I was allowed to wear jeans (a workplace policy that I didn't really like, but in which I participated because I like to wear jeans.) I avoided listening to the radio or watching TV and for the most part talking about the significance of the day. I did say things like "No, I wasn't in the air that day, we never had scheduled flights on Tuesdays." and "Yeah, I have an uncle who used to work in the building in Oklahoma City." I came home as my parents were leaving the house, and was left alone. I watched only the local 6:00 news and the national news with Peter Jennings. And it made me cry. I didn't expect that.

Tuesday I went to the Cheesecake Factory. Erica, Rohini, Dave, Jenny and I were all crammed into my little car. It's a good thing that Pirate and Dave-of-no-link met us at the Harbor, because I don't think that they could both have fit in my trunk (even though it is quite spacious for a car of that size). We ate lots and lots of food (including avacado eggrolls!) and had much fun.

Monday was a Monday. Work. I can't think of anything else at the moment.

Sunday was the Renaissance Festival with the Lambot and Pirate and Dave and Will. There was the Bloody Drama and the Bloody Drama and the Mud Show (Beowulf- in the mud) and the Bloody Improvisation and the Rogues and Hypnosis-Bulletpoint-Bob and Laura made the nutboy sad. But Will made him happy again by buying some almonds. I believe that we were manipulated by the nutboy. But he was cute enough that it wasn't terribly upsetting. There was also quite a long time spent watching two guys (in kilts?) throwing a pumpkin between them. It was a pretty big pumpkin and they were throwing it pretty far. Still, we watched them far longer than was necessary. I ate some cheesebread, so named because it is bread with cheese on it ("I call this one 'string bean', because it's long and thin. I call this one 'string bean', because it's long and thin. I call this one 'blue', because it's blue.") We never found the beer sticks, but we did buy some honey sticks. And Scratch had a grape catapult, and he called me "Mrs. Satan".

And right now I am tired and should get myself to bed for as much sleep as possible, as I expect to be up quite late tomorrow (at least, I hope to).

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