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There was a king and he had three daughters.
They all lived in a basin of water.
The basin bended,
My story's ended.
If the basin had been stronger, my story would have been longer.

Um. Yes. Erica's mis-recitation of the beginning of the "here lies John Bun" poem reminded me of that.

Here lies John Bun.
He was killed by a gun.
His name was not Bun, but Wood.
But Wood would not rhyme with gun, but Bun would.

[insert segue here]

It seems like everyone has been talking about their dreams lately. Usually I don't remember my dreams, or else I remember them and they are really, really, REALLY dull. (The famous example being the one in which I dreamed that I had vaccuumed. Before the dream started. So the dream itself was me looking at the floor and seeing how clean it was.)

But the last few dreams I've remembered have been actually frightening. I'm wondering if all the dreams I've had lately have been scary and un-restful and that's why I'm so tired in the mornings. Because I'm getting enough sleep, so I figure that the fatigue is coming from lack of quality.

See, the night before my birthday, I had a chased-by-a-monster dream. I can't remember a specific chased-by-a-monster dream before this one ever. (I'm sure I've had them, but not memorable. You understand.) This monster was large and bright orange, and mostly man-shaped, but with the head of a bull with amazingly long sharp horns. (OK, so it seems to be a chased-by-a-minotaur dream.) It was definitely out to kill me. It was chasing me across some field, and I could see some people in the distance, and I knew them and I knew what they were doing, but they were too far away to be of any assistance. So I ran into a house and bolted the door behind me. The old professor-type man who owned the house came up behind me and said that I was just in time for the meeting, people would be arriving any minute. And I tried to explain about the monster and that he couldn't open the door, and he just sort of listened in a "yes, dear, now isn't that interesting?" sort of off-hand way and continued to prepare. Then he let in the first person to arrive for the meeting- super-tall guy, a little older than me. They both went and sat in the sitting room, with me following behind and trying to convince them of the danger. They were both very nonchalant about it all, until the monster came and broke the window. Then they ran with me through the house and out the front door and across the lawn and into the octagonal greenhouse containing no plants. They both got inside that structure before I did (fast little old man!) and the monster was practically able to grab me before I got in and closed the door.

That was the end of the dream. Not very restful, eh?

So then last night I dreamt that I went to see Signs in the theatre. I haven't actually seen the movie, but I'm fairly sure that the movie I watched in the dream is nowhere near the reality of the film. I do remember that it was the scariest movie ever. Mel Gibson was hardly in it at all; it was really about some detective-type anti-hero guy. It was a sort of "Alien Noir", if that was a valid genre. At some point, the movie stopped being totally fake, and people in the theatre started dying. One of the deaths was this guy whom I've seen once in my life and who works at the coffee-shop part of Borders. (He has long red hair, and is therefore named "Bill" in my subconscious mind.) I was very upset that Bill died and ran to his side. The movie continued, the scariest thing in the history of anything happened, and the movie ended. It was a very sharp, sudden ending, and at the very moment that the screen went black, all of the lights in the theatre snapped on, and the patrons were left to deal with the aftermath, corpses and all. I kind of wish that I could remember just what was so frightening in the movie, but I am also somewhat glad that I don't. However, when I woke up this morning, I was thinking about how clever the advertisers were who came up with the campaign for the movie, as they made it seem like it was a film about something totally different, with Mel Gibson as a star. I was also amazed that the incredible twist ending had remained such a secret and wanted to go read some reviews right away. Then, of course, I realized that I had been dreaming. But for a pretty significant time, I was convinced that it had all really happened, which is pretty odd, considering that I have only the vaguest memories of it now.

Well. That was amazingly long, and mostly nonsense. If you've made it through this whole entry, I commend you. I hope you weren't too confused by this tour of Joanna's subconscious mind.

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