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Banjoanna Zxanderthal (The X is silent.)

Behold! One of my birthday presents from my sister!

To quote one of Erica's friends that we encountered on campus while I was wearing it, "I never knew that there could be such a shirt."

"Ratversaries" Justin and Jenner

Behold! My other present from my sister!

Behold! A present from my parents!

And they gave me a really really great computer chair (executive style, cushy and swively and bendy-back . . . y.)!

Also, I finally got my own scanner hooked up to this computer, and am having fun playing with it for the first time in ages. So I went through my freshman year photo album and scanned a few pics of me.

At the Renaissance Festival, with a dragon on my face.

On Halloween, in the Chesapeake 2nd South hallway.
Not Amish.

Wearing Val's coat.
A very representative photo of the Joanna/Sarah room phenomenon.

Woo! The End!

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