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Now I can wash my neck!

It's raining at last! It has been coming down steadily since before I woke up this morning. This made me feel positively cheerful. Odd, considering that usually a rainy day will make me feel sleepy and down. But today the rain was good for my psyche. All day I sat at my desk and watched it rain. Nice.

I did other work-related things too, of course, but none worth reporting.

So, perhaps you remember way back a week ago when Erica filled out a survey which included the following:

42. [What/Who is next to you]: A very, very large pile of my sister's laundry.

Even if you don't remember that, it doesn't really matter. Point is, that pile of clothes had been on my bedroom floor for a good long time before that, and I have only just now managed to make it disappear. And by "managed" I mean, of course, "bothered".

Here is the picture that greeted me when I opened up my web browser this evening:

Now I need to go make a sandwich so that I can have an extra five minutes in bed in the morning.

ps. tomorrow is my birthday. 23. woo.

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