Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Hey, Joanna, what do you do when you get off work early?

Well . . .

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User Number: 273275
Date Created:2001-07-26
Number of Posts: 292

Joanna lives in the wilds of suburbia. She rarely lives up to her potential, but has proven herself time and again at the challenging tasks thrown at her in her current day job. She wears her halo at a jaunty angle.
Strengths: Strong teeth, obscure knowledge, punctuality, mostly harmless.
Weaknesses: Procrastination, dislikes too many vegetables, lack of rhythm.
Special Skills: Harry Potter trivia knowledge, makes a mean chicken enchilada, knows her way around a copy machine, can quote MST3K at 20 paces.
Weapons: Indiana Jones hat, fakey-fake whip, glow-in-the-dark bat shirt, wind-up Wallace in techno-trousers, tiny stuffed owl named Clementine, History/Sociology degree.
Nicknames: Jonanner, Indiana Joanna, The Magical Mystical Amish Mennonite Goddess of Doom

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