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Jorunn the Meek

According to Gorm, my Viking name is "Jorunn the Meek". Also, he created a Viking proverb just for me, which says:

"Watch out for cold weather and being trampled to death by geese."

Very wise.

I don't like being cold. I got out of bed this morning and I was cold. I took a hot hot hot shower, and was not cold, but when I got out I was once again- you guessed it- cold. Once I got dressed I was OK until I got outside, where it was quite cold, AND THERE WAS FROST ON MY CAR WINDOWS! Of course, everything warmed up a little once the sun came up, but that didn't help much as I was scraping my windshield at 6:00 am. But now I'm home, and the heat is on, and I'm wearing a sweatshirt, and I'm not cold. Huzzah.

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