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"Some of my best friends are weird!"

It amuses me when new acquaintances confuse my initial shyness with normalcy. It then further amuses me when they find out just how inaccurate their first impressions were. I bet they feel pretty silly at that point, having worried about frightening me with their supposedly high-range oddness.

Got to hang out with Dave today. (No, not that Dave or this Dave. A linkless Dave.) I made pizza! Good pizza! Also watched A Beautiful Mind. Am still amused that Opie has an Oscar.

I had thought that yesterday was the latest that I had ever been at the mall (or at least tied with staying late to take Erica home from work), having stayed there until well after closing hanging out with Rohini's former workmates. That belief, however, was formed before I remembered about the Girl Scout mall overnights that I used to attend. None of the stores were open, of course, but we stayed in the mall over an entire night, working on badges and doing activites and meeting other girl scout troops. We even set up sleeping bags on designated sections of the floor. What a strange thing.

I hope that Rohini decides to write an entry about last night, because it was fun, and because I am going to be lazy and go to bed rather than say anything more about it.

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