Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

"Now that Scott's broken the ice, and probably your left clavicle . . . "

I had a dream last night that Erica and I were going to England to visit Katie. We arrived there and knew that we were supposed to meet up with her in the store at the airport. Problem was, there were many many stores at the airport. We bypassed many a cheesy souvenir shop and magazine/book kiosk before finally settling on a gigantic warehouse store. We went in, and there was Katie, chatting with one of the guys who worked the cash registers. They were old friends, and she hadn't known that he worked there. At this point, Erica and I only had about forty minutes before we had to get on the plane to go home, so I asked Katie if there was one thing that I absolutely HAD to buy to take home to Maryland with me. She said that she knew just the thing, and led us straight to the back of the very very large store (in which everything was abnormally large, because that's the way warehouse stores are). In the back was a stack of gigantic Hubble-sized telescopes. I said that that wouldn't really work, as I had to take whatever I bought home inside my luggage. Next she pointed to a magnifying glass, which was a very nice one of the desk-top style, except that it was so large that you would need a crane to pick it up. I had fun for awhile imagining someone with his private crane reading the fine print on some paperwork. Finally, Katie exclaimed that she knew exactly what I needed, and handed me a package of "dried teriaki-flavored oriental dumplings". I bought them, packed them with my stuff, and Erica and I headed back to the plane to go home.

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