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Tomorrow I buy a horrible orange sweater.

We had a baby shower at work today. We filled a conference room with women eating potluck and cooing at tiny booties and dresses. Then there was cake. Chocolate cake.

It seems like everyone at my work is either a newlywed, engaged, or pregnant. OK, this is an exagerration. There are probably at least three people other than me that are not any of the above. (And she's still exagerrating! Isn't she a trooper, folks?)

I don't really have anything else to say on that topic. So we'll move from that observation to the next subject with only this lame little paragraph as segue.

Erica cast me as "The Enthusiastic Ensign" in her friends-list-as-Star-Trek-series entry. There are so many ways to interpret this choice. I, however, am going to stick by the interpretation that says that I get to save the ship frequently without ever having to deal with the responsibilities and stresses of command. And that the senior officers take my suggestions seriously and include me in vital meetings, while they don't even know the names of many people who outrank me. Yes. (Although it may have something to do with the fact that I have the dork rating and the energy to take such a minor matter to this level of analysis.)

I think I'll stop now, before I incriminate myself any further.

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