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Yesterday was good. We finally got some rain, which I found to be energizing and cheerful- an attitude that differed from that of many of my co-workers, most of whom found that the rain made them tired. Of course, the entire pot of coffee that I drank on my own may have had something to do with it.

I was planning on taking a change of clothes with me to work, as I was supposed to go to my friend Jenn's house as soon as possible after I got off. However, I left the bag at home, so I had to rush back to the house on my lunch break. I had approximately ten minutes at home, during which time I grabbed my backpack, stuffed some extra things in it because of weather, reheated and ate a bowl of the macaroni that Erica had made for her lunch, drank a can of cream soda, and listened to Erica outline an episode of ER to me. Then I had to get back in the car and return to work. It was a strange sort of interlude. The rest of the workday went uneventfully and I made it to Jenn's house with time to spare.

Jenn is my best friend left from high school. She's a wonderful wonderful person, and I see her approximately every six months. She's leaving Monday morning to go back to (Mumpth) Dakota and spend a second year as a volunteer third-grade teacher on an Indian reservation. (I suppose that it ought to be "Native American" reservation, oughtn't it? But that just sounds forced and self-conscious.) So I spent the evening with Jenn and Jessica and Cindy and some other people in this Bar and Grill in Bowie, and I had a good time. I did miss out on the Snoopy Snowcone Party, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. I'm sure that everyone there had a good time without me.

I was too lazy to take a shower when I got home last night, so now I feel like a person who spent all of yesterday evening in a small smoke-filled room, and I really need a shower.

But first, because turnabout is fair play:

cabari is an absolutely wonderful person. She's clever, interesting, straightforward, and honest. She's so much better at expressing emotions and how she feels about people than I could ever be, and she's just added to the oodles of my respect that she's already earned, because this kind of thing is really difficult to do. Allison deserves all good things, and she is a large part of the reason that I'm glad that "internet friendships" are possible.

As for the rest of you, you're all great, but you'll just have to trust me on that.

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