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I keep expecting Jafar to say "Buy barley futures."


Friday! Thank God. An uneventful day at work. There was a huge and noisy meeting in the conference room behind the reception desk, but it didn't have much of an effect on my day, aside from the fact that I had to make sure to look like I was being productive, as there was the constant chance that a big-wig might pass by, and I didn't want such a person to see me playing with my Harry Potter Lego guy or braiding my hair. I found the local Subway during my lunch break, and got one of those new Sweet Onion Teriaki Chicken subs, which rocked my socks (to steal a phrase from my sister.) Nothing else of interest happened. I left at 5:30, and sat at one traffic light for 20 minutes. I think that I will be taking a different route home for the foreseeable future.

After returning home, I changed my clothes, talked to the family for a bit, checked out the essentials on-line, and set right out again to drive back the way I came. On the way, I stopped at Starbucks and got a Coconut Mocha Frappuccino, as a preparatory measure before entering the realm ruled by that entity known until recently as "The Antietam Boys".

Party at Dave and Phil and Dan's. I set a marshmallow on fire. I ate a beigeburger. I discovered to my relief that I am not the only one who doesn't know what a Sociology graduate can reasonably expect to do in her own field. I learned about cooking school in Rhode Island and illegal fighting endorsed by Mayor "Buddy". I saw a tiny frog scarf down some ants. I was admitted into a Buffy discussion although I have never seen the show, on the strength of my admission to being both an "X-Phile" and a "Trekkie" (no wussy "Trekker" for me). I learned that Sam and Leah would be the same person if not for the detail of sexual orientation. I participated in a far-too-animated (ha!) discussion about Blue's Clues and stood up for Joe. I learned that Dave hates the words . . . um, I've forgotten which words, but they are some that you could reasonably expect to find in any given history essay. I broke the wall. (Really! A real wall! With my socked foot! Me! And I wasn't even trying!) I watched party people being party people. I heard some "spectacular" renditions of songs that I knew even though the people who were performing them did not. There was more, but I think I've said enough. I came home and went to sleep.


I woke up for real at 9:30, and got up, despite having gone to bed at 4:00. (I woke up for cat at 7:30, but refused to pay any attention to him, and thus was eventually allowed to go back to sleep.) I watched a bit of Diabolik on MST3K. Erica and I went to the bank and the mall and Target. I bought The Sims: Vacation at last. Hurrah! Went out to dinner with mom and sister, watched Aladdin, took a bath. Now I'm updating my journal. I don't know why I've gone with the listing-everything-that's-happened-to-me format today. It turned out pretty long. But now I'm done.

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