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Tonight I said goodbye to Sarah until Christmastime. It was fun. Not the saying goodbye part; the hanging out with Sarah part. But now I am tired, and my hair smells like smoke. I guess that's what happens when you are hanging out in a bar, but blech nonetheless.

(Rohini was there too. So her hair smells like smoke as well.)

I remembered a few things tonight that I had completely forgotten. Such as the "Matt Dolls" that we were going to create. "Matt Doll with a bucket on his head", "Matt Doll caught in a bear trap", and "Matt Doll covered in honey" were the three that I can remember, but we were going to make a whole line of them. They would be collecters' items!

The other thing that I remembered was from back in Sophomore(?) year of college, when Sarah made Renaissance Festival costumes for me and Jake at my house. Specifically, while she was in the dining room, using the sewing machine for my shirt, I stood on a chair in the living room and Jake pinned up the hem of my skirt. I am amused by this memory, and I decided that I had to preserve it in some way before I lost it again. Thus, I am typing this rather than going to bed. But now I am going to bed. And in the morning, my pillow will smell like smoke.

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