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"Keep on, keep on, keep on doin' it right!"

I just watched the end of the Brady Bunch episode in which the kids go on television as "The Silver Platters" to try to win $100 to pay for their parents' anniversary gift of an engraved silver platter. So now I've got that "gotta keep on, keep on, keep on movin'; gotta keep on, keep on, keep on groovin'" song stuck in my head. And I want some Jan pants.

The part about the Jan pants was a lie.

I went to Borders today. This is a bad thing for me to be doing, because it's nigh impossible to refrain from buying things. Especially when there is a book for sale there that I've been looking forward to for some time, and that isn't even supposed to be released for another couple of days. And, unlike some people, I don't have the impending visit of the author to my hometown to look forward to.

There were a couple of very badly phrased sentences in the above paragraph. I apologize, but will not go back to fix them. I trust that you will be able to decipher my ramblings well enough. If not . . . I don't know what to tell you. But then, that doesn't matter, because you wouldn't understand.

Anyway. I think I'll stop now before I sprain something.

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