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... in which Joanna emulates Katie

Dear customers,

You should not assume, just because I sit behind a desk, that I know anything at all.

Ignorantly, Joanna

Dear dinner,

I like you very very much (aside from the artichoke-heart part of you), but I do wish that you were a little faster about making your appearance. I'm hungry.

Hungrily, Joanna

Dear The Sims,

You are an evil, evil addiction. I love you.

Needily, Joanna

Dear rain,

Thank you. I didn't feel like washing my car. But I do wish you'd tell the wind to stop knocking down the Plumerias.

Meteorologically, Joanna

Dear soupytwist,

I stole your format and your lovely sign-off for the weather. Please forgive me. And remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Repentantly, Joanna

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