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"There's a snake in my boot!"

It's funny. The clothes I wore to work today are very comfortable. They fit just right, they're soft, and they stretch when and where they need to. However, as soon as I got home, I changed right into "play clothes" and now feel much more comfortable. Even though I was quite comfortable before. I know that it's a matter of association, and more mental than physical, but it's still weird.

Today at work I impressed people with my speed with a photocopier. I don't think they quite understood that it is no longer neccessary to lay each page individually on the . . . the thing, and that I can now just stick a sheaf of papers in a tray on the top and the machine will take care of the rest. Hey, whatever. If I can impress people, it doesn't really matter to me if they understand what I did. Let them think that I'm just really efficient.

Also at work today I got stuff. Lots of it. Just promotional items that they give out to customers and such. I got a pen and a pad of paper and a box-opener-thing and a water bottle and a coffee mug and a squeezy doctor-bear stress thing. The squeezy bear is my favorite and will be living on my desk, while the rest of it will be staying at my home.

Tonight I want to watch The Secret of NIMH. Erica and I were talking about that movie yesterday, and it made me want to watch it. However, I couldn't watch it last night because I got distracted by the AFI Tom Hanks thingo. Which I quite enjoyed, by the way. I'm just sorry that I missed the beginning and therefore didn't get to see the part about Bosom Buddies.



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