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Do I seem like the sort of girl who would be impressed by, "C'mon, babydoll. Before I leave here you are either going to give me a beer or your phone number."? I mean . . . what? That would only make sense if the beer was supposed to be a bribe to make him leave me alone. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the idea. Whatever it was, it wasn't particularly charming.
Went out Monday night. Had a very good time, despite the attention of Mr. Drunk-with-stupid-lines (and a fiancee!)

Did that sentence make any sense?
(Aside from the clear observation that it lacks a subject and is thus not a complete sentence.)

I got a call from scheduling yesterday, informing me that all of my flights until the 19th have been changed to reserve days. Which means that I probably won't be in the air for more than two weeks. It's already been over a week since my last flight. So, essentially, there will be a month in which I do not work. Some full-time job, eh?

Oh well, there's lots of Star Trek: The Next Generation to be watched, and I do have errands to run today. Whee!

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