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Really, I do. It's a brand new 2002 Toyota ECHO. It had 2 miles on the odometer before I took the test drive. "Indigo Ink" (deep blue) exterior, "Warm Grey" interior. I am really terribly pleased about it. Happy happy happy. Hooray for Carmax!

I'll post a picture of it here when I have one. Hooray for digital cameras!

Another, less exciting, but still quite satisfying cause for happiness: I went to see The Importance of Being Earnest with Rohini and Erica this evening. (I drove.) Happy happy happy. I liked it muchly. Hooray Colin Firth!

OK. Enough of that. (Even though I am in a very good mood, for the reasons stated above.) I start my new job tomorrow and I am nervous about it. More nervous about liking it or not than about the job itself. But this is nervousness nonetheless. So I shall get myself into my pajamas and get myself to bed before . . . very long. I have had a long day and I need my sleep to prepare myself for another long day tomorrow. I'll let you know tomorrow evening how it went.

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