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Did you miss me? I missed you.

We've been home for about two hours now, I guess, and already I've unloaded the car, placated the cat, unpacked my stuff, and put (most of) it away. Admittedly, there is still a small pile of clothes and bathing suits and plastic bag sitting next to my chair. But I think I'm doing pretty well.

I had a great time in North Carolina- overloaded on food, beach, sun, and family. Also, in no particular order:

I rented a kayak and went out in it almost every day. I performed in a play commemorating my Aunt Sue's fiftieth birthday, in which I had to sing a lot of TV theme songs, as well as the very beginning of Nat King Cole's Unforgettable. I tore off part of one toenail and a significant chunk of flesh from the same toe when I banged it on something underwater on the first full day. I played approximately seven trillion games of Scrabble. I re-enacted the Wright brothers' famous first flight at Kitty Hawk. I said the names "Cher" and "Madonna" triumphantly while making exaggerated hand motions. I played with some very very cute babies and held these same babies when they were too sleepy to keep their eyes open (although not at the same time). I took pictures. I drank margaritas. I walked on the beach. I ate chicken 'n dumplings at Cracker Barrel. I helped (read: "watched my Uncle Joe and my dad") make a kite out of newspaper and then really helped my Aunt Ruthie write a poem about it. I ate more Krispy Kreme doughnuts than can possibly be a good idea. I had shaving cream on my nose. I saw slides of my mom and her siblings when they were little. I drank coffee on the deck overlooking the Sound in the early morning. I watched a gazebo go by.

I had a busy week. I'm glad to be home.

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