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"It's 'Sar-DO'! No 'mister'- accent on the 'do'."

Star Wars! Yeah!


(translation: Erica, Rohini, Dave, and I went to see Episode II today. Our tickets said "Episode I", which I thought was pretty funny. Luckily, the tickets lied.)

I have nothing more to say, really, except that I was right in predicting that the West Wing season finale would be depressing. It was, of course, very good. But it was also very depressing. Sigh . . .

Oh yeah, and my boss from the job that I no longer have called me today. He said that they are thinking about calling back a few people to work for just a month- starting the second week of June, based out of Puerto Rico- and that if I'm interested I should call corporate headquarters. I'm not sure what I think about this, but it is definitely interesting.

Yes. Interesting.

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