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I had my interview at the Baltimore Museum of Industry this afternoon. It was only about a half an hour long, but the job is mine if I want it. I told her that I needed some time to think about it. The thing is, I think I'd really enjoy the job. I'd be a "Museum Teacher", the duties of which consist mainly of leading school groups in tours and hands-on activities with the equipment in the museum. I'd get to learn all about the different machinery that they have, and I would get to use it. However, it only pays $6 an hour, and I'd only be working a few days a week. That is, quite clearly, not nearly enough. And while I could get a second part-time job and make some more money that way, it would be much much better if I could get a full-time position with regular hours and (gasp!) benefits. So I guess the search must continue. I'll be calling more museum people this week, although I suspect that any open positions are going to be pretty much the same sort of thing. Which means that I've also got to be looking through the "help wanted" section of the newspaper and applying for the kinds of jobs that I'd be able to find in there- and, of course, it would help if I was qualified for them. We'll see. Maybe tomorrow I'll open up the paper and there will be an ad that says:
Wanted: Former flight attendant with
History/Sociology degree needed
for full-time position reading
books, surfing the internet, and
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Only fans of
The X-Files and The West Wing need apply.

And maybe Ed McMayonnaise will show up at my door with a giant cardboard check.

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