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in which i completely fail to mention anything that I did today

If there's a weather phenomenon that scares me more than any other weather phenomenon, I would have to say that the tornado is that weather phenomenon. As weather phenomena go, tornados really freak me out. Living in Maryland as I do, I've always felt relatively safe from said weather phenomenon, as this state is very very far from places like Oklahoma, where tornados happen much more frequently than they do here. (And where, incidentally, I saw the movie Twister in the theatre.) However, my sense of wellbeing and my assurance of safety from tornados have been shaken by the unnerving proximity of several tornados in recent times. This is not tornado territory! They need to go away! I mean, what with the one that did bad things to College Park last fall, and the one that seriously messed up darn-it-I-can't-remember-the-name-of-the-town a few weeks ago, and my dad seeing funnel clouds on his way home this afternoon, I . . . well, I'm not happy.

Enough about that. And sorry about the unneccessarily frequent repetition of the phrase "weather phenomenon" in the first few sentences. It was fun at the time.

There's not really much else to say. I have my interview tomorrow for a job that would pay essentially nothing but is potentially very interesting. Why does it have to work that way? Why can't someone pay me a good amount of money to do something that I would enjoy doing? I am increasingly of the opinion that I need to find a job writing book-jacket copy. It just seems like my ideal profession. Reading. Writing- but very short items. Brevity is one of the things that has never caused me problems in my writing endeavors. So how do I get that job?

I guess I don't.

edited to say: What is up with my writing style in this entry? It just seems "off".

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