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"It's all right, you don't need to demand that."

I liked the music in The X-Files this evening. It was pretty and piano-y and different from the music in most of the episodes. My parents and I disagree on what the outcome of this episode means, but I don't want to give anything away, in case someone reads this who didn't watch it yet. I suppose I shouldn't even have brought it up. Oh well, too late now. Not like this keyboard has a "delete" key, or anything.

I was incredibly bored today. I went to Home Depot with my mom and we bought plants for one of our flower beds, but the ground was too wet for us to do any actual planting today. Since that was supposed to be my main activity for the afternoon, I was left at something of a loose end. I really wanted to hang out with people, but I didn't go to the trouble of actually calling anyone. [Lazy, stupid, pathetic Joanna.] I did read for awhile, and I went to the mall- but didn't buy anything. Overall, just one more boring day in a string of boring days. I really need a job.

The only job offer I've received so far has been from Gabe, and the duties of the job include living underneath his bed and eating whatever crumbs happen to fall on the floor. No paycheck, no health benefits, no paid vacation. I don't think I'll take it.

And now, for a change of pace:

Why? Because I am a dork.

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