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Pardon my geek . . .

It's a little wild and a little strange
When you make your home out on the range.
So start your horse and come along,
'Cause you can't get a ride if you can't hold on.
Singin' Yippee Kai Yi Ay!
(Yippee Kai Yi what?)
Like the cow boys say!
(Sing it again, now.)
Yippee Kai Yi Ay!
(Git along, little doggies.)
Till the break of day.
(Better watch out for those man eating jackrabbits,
And those killer cacti . . . )

Hey Dude.

(Not that I was a Nickelodeon child, or anything)

Well, now that I've got that out of the way, I can apologize for not posting anything of substance in any of my three entries today. It's just that my day has been really boring (or I have been really boring), and the most interesting thing that happened was summed up in the last entry in six words. However, because I've been bored, there's been desire to update, despite lack of material.

Ah well, you've probably come to expect weirdness in various forms from me already, so explanation is more than likely pointless. So I'll stop now.

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