Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

August 2009. Good lord.

Sharif and I shared a toast last night, in honor of August 2009. This past month was huge. It was the sort of month that I should have been posting here every single day, but of course that didn't happen. It was the month in which Everything Changed.

(Well, work didn't change much, except by being even more stressful and annoying than usual. There were some Major Crises, a Huge Deadline, and an Ongoing Project From Hell that just keeps getting worse. But those are Bad, and therefore will be ignored whenever possible.)

Outside of work, things have been amazing. Sharif and I got engaged! Lacey moved across the country, leaving us with the whole house! I turned 30!

Each of those on their own would have been exciting, but all three in one month was sort of insane. Now we have to plan a wedding. We are rearranging all of our belongings, buying furniture, figuring out what kitchen stuff we need, ordering a giant TV. And I'm older, which doesn't actually change anything, I suppose. But it still counts, because birthdays are exciting.

Thing is, there's so much for me to do with wedding planning and house arranging, going to work feels like even more of an intrusion into my time than it used to. But of course, now that I have to plan a wedding and furnish a house, I need my paycheck more than ever. Poor me.

Anyway! August! Was crazy!

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