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Everybody's got a water buffalo.

I'm unemployed, my room's a mess, I'm losing my mind, and to top it all off, I'm not allowed to help save the world.

You may wonder what I'm talking about. "Joanna," you say, "what are you talking about?"

Excellent question. Well, I think you probably know by now about the circumstances of my job-loss. But it's still depressing. No more job means no more flying on my big green plane. No more 3-hour vacations at the Moon Palace. No more . . . money.

You really don't need an explanation of the messy room, I would assume.

So, without further ado:

Signs that Joanna is losing her mind
1) Rohini lives half an hour south of me. UMBC is ten or fifteen minutes north of my house. When going to Rohini's house the other day, I drove all the way to UMBC before realizing that I was headed in exactly the wrong direction.
2) When I went to Party City with Erica, I parked the car, failed to turn it off, got out, and locked the door behind me. I realized that I had done this after we got back out of the store and I was unable to find my keys. While searching for them in my purse, I didn't even notice that the freaking car was still running. Luckily, Erica was there and had her keys, or I would have had an even more serious problem than pending insanity on my hands.
3) I almost did the same car-key thing today.
4) I had other reasons, but I've forgotten them, which is good enough evidence in and of itself, I'd say.

"All right," you say, "So you are in fact losing your mind. What's this about not being able to help save the world?"

Well, you see, I went to give blood today. And I don't have enough iron today. They need "38" and I have "35". Not sure exactly what this means, but it seems that I'm down by 3 and so they had to send me home. I try to help, but I guess I just won't be allowed to.

On the plus side, my mom and I ate at Rocky Run for lunch today in recognition of her new job and my "no job", mom is making shrimp creole for dinner, and Rufus Wainwright sings quite nicely. Oh yeah, and I got internet hugs from people in response to my last entry, and that makes me quite happy indeed. Thanks to you.

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