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Previous Entry no pictures Jul. 21st, 2009 @ 03:09 pm Next Entry
Jennifer: I'm having one of those days. You know, when I feel like everyone I talk to is stupid, or mean, or just awful.
Me: I'm having one of those . . . jobs.

Had a nice little pity party a few minutes ago with the others in my portion of the office. Everyone agrees that everyone else's job seems awful lately. We're a fun bunch.

Outside of work, life has been busy and fun. Lacey's best friends were in town from Denver last week, staying with us most of the time. We had a small "Christmas In July" party while they were here, and it was super fun. I think this one had the best blind gift exchange we've ever had. And we grilled out and drank too much and just generally enjoyed ourselves and the fine, fine weather.

Other notable events in the past couple of weeks included: brunch at Little Havana, a 3-hour cooperative board game (Arkham Horror), Harry Potter, ilyAIMY practice in our backyard, dinner and a musical (featuring Erica!) in Annapolis. Oh! And the birdy has started making kissy noises, which is adorable. And! I have terrible bruises as a result of sitting on top of a chainlink fence while talking to the next-door neighbors. Don't do that! I speak to you as one who has experienced pain.
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