Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

weekend recap

Good, busy weekend. Music every day, plenty of time outside, cuddling with cute animals, tasty food. As usual, the only real complaint is that it was just too short.

Friday night, ilyAIMY's show for the Hunt Valley Towne Centre's summer concert series was good fun. It was a perfect night for an outdoor show, and lots of people showed up. It's a pretty neat program, it seems. There was a good crowd before the music started. Many brought their own chairs, but one of the stores offered free camp chairs to anyone who had ID. Children gathered in the space in front of the stage and ran in a circle- always counter-clockwise, for a reason unfathomable to those of us too old to tune in to the psychic energy controlling these things. I think my favorite kids were the two little girls in green, staring up at Rowan open-mouthed as he played the bones.

Saturday was mostly quiet. I did laundry or sat on the porch when not protecting one pet from another. Peanut has been staying with us for a few days, while Ben is out of town. Any time Maui is out while Peanut is nearby, he will just swoop right at the little dog and grab on. We're not sure if this is out of jealousy that we have been giving lots of love to Peanut, or if it's because Peanut is unlike any other dog so far in not seeming to be afraid of Maui. Either way, it's caused some stress, and we're having to keep Maui in the cage whenever Peanut's in the room.

We grilled an excellent meal on Saturday night- corn, onions, red peppers, shrimp, salmon. We'd just finished eating and were working on a couple of beers and chatting with the neighbors, when Sharif got a call from Rob. "What's your ETA?" Apparently, there was a show that Sharif had forgotten. So we had to pack up and rush down to Greenbelt. We arrived in plenty of time, and the show was inside, so the sudden crazy thunderstorms only managed to delay our loading the cars at the end of the night.

Sunday, we headed to Hamden for Honfest, where Sharif was assisting Ash with his set. The music was fun, we saw some friends, and we took Maui along in his harness. So, of course, we were very popular. Many people, when they see you with a bird on a leash, will stop you and ask questions or ask to take a picture. Some will just act amazed as they pass you. Some will be walking behind you or next to you, and carry on conversations about you, but never address you directly. A couple of times I heard an exchange in which one person expressed suprise, and their companion said, "Oh, the parrot? Yeah, I saw that before." How quickly we become dull!

My Honfest souvenir is a sunburn. I've even got a nice white line across my chest, where the strap of my bag protected me. Classy!

And now I'm back at work. Looking foward to my approaching long weekend. I'm taking next Monday off to celebrate Sharif's birthday. Can't wait.

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