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What's that blue thing doing here?

I saw a commercial today for a "very special" episode of Blue's Clues. Steve is leaving the show, and his brother (Joe?) is coming to take his place- Monday night, prime time. The thing is, they are saying that Steve is "going away to college", a concept that I find funny. If you've ever seen the show, you know that the guy can't match two squares or decide that it is a cow (rather than a cat) that says "moo" without help from an animated dog or the three-year-olds in the audience. I wonder what he'll choose as his major . . . perhaps he'll go for a B.S. in Shapes and Colors? Or a B.A. in Guessing Games? I hope his roommate doesn't get too disconcerted by Steve's tendency to befriend inanimate objects and talk to young children who aren't there. Or the green-striped rugby shirts and pajamas and, well, everything, and the habit of breaking into song everytime he gets a letter. Or says goodbye. Or accomplishes anything. Although I must admit that the ability to "skidoo" into any image in a textbook would certainly have made studying more interesting . . .

Um . . . . hi! Are you still here? Gee . . . I think I've just revealed a bit more about my knowledge of this particular children's show than I should have. Heh heh.


Does anyone know how I can change just the color of the border around the text box on this thing? I've figured out how to do background color and text color and link color and title color, but the border color eludes me. Any thoughts?

Oh yeah! I get to see Rohini tomorrow! Hooray!

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